Secure your home before you travel

Secure your home before you travel

May 12, 2015 (0) comment

Your home is your domain. It’s where you can relax, and enjoy being with your family in the surroundings that you love.

With homecare insurance from QIC, you can be rest assured that your cherished belongings and valuables are insured every day, even while you’re travelling.

There are some steps you can follow to keep your home safe and secure when you’re away:

Think twice before posting your detailed vacation plans on Twitter or on Facebook — especially if that information is visible to users other than your friends and family giving a hint that you will be leaving your house unattended during your vacation.

Having friends watching over the house will also serve as a preventive precaution as the house will seem more inhabited.

Commenting on the significance of a home insurance policy, Mr. Ali Fadala, Senior Deputy Group President and CEO of QIC Group states: “A vast majority of Qataris and expatriates living in Doha are connoisseurs of art and they like decorating their homes with expensive accessories, artwork, murals, and antiques.

By insuring their art collection under a home insurance policy, they can protect their pieces of art against any damage or attempt of burglary, even when they are travelling.”

Artwork can be damaged due to sudden fire/water leakage from pipes or airconditioners, which may lead to flooding. It is important that you insure your art collection to preserve it. In addition, you could also insure your expensive laptops, cameras, TV sets before you travel.

Crime rates in Qatar are generally low but it is better to be safe and secure than be sorry! Do not tempt a passerby to commit a crime by keeping the doors and windows open. Keeping a low profile, especially before you are travelling is crucial.

Newspapers piled up in front of your door step could tip off criminals that the homeowner is out of town. Make sure that you stop your supply of newspapers for the days you travel.

Check your faucets and pipes before you travel to avoid chances of damage due to flooding/ leakage due to faulty pipes. If possible, turn off the main water supply before you travel.

In case you are leaving your jewellery at home, make sure you keep them in a fire resistant locker/safe in a discreet location in your house. Further, you must remember to lock the safe before you leave.

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