KQIC was founded more than 10+ years ago, with the task to support the growth of Kuwait

Over the years, we have developed alongside Kuwait and today we not only support the growth of the companies in Kuwait – we also support the daily lives of the individuals working for those companies We do this in the same caring way as we do for the corporations We are thankful and proud that so many people and corporations have placed their trust in us and we now are the largest insurance company not only in Kuwait, but in the Middle East 

…because all we do, we do for you


Same Prices - Better Deals

We’re not more expensive than the other insurers in the market – chances are, you’ll find us cheaper And you will for sure find our deals better when you compare the benefits and services we offer – at the same prices But insurance is not all about low premiums – it’s also about being sure that we’re able to pay, fast and correct, when you have a claim


Less Hassle - More Peace

You’re safe with us – being the largest insurance company in the Middle East gives you the security of knowing we’ll always be able to manage – and pay – for your claims And we’ll do this professionally and effectively – every time For you, this means less hassle and shorter time for you to get your claim settled – and paid


Everything Online

Speaking of less hassle, we’re the only insurance company in Kuwait that offers you a complete range of online personal insurance services – with KQIC, you can buy and renew your personal insurances online; you can even renew your comprehensive car insurance with KQIC if you’re insured somewhere else today


Repairs in Hi-speed

Being big is good. If needed, we can provide assistance to help you deal with car repairs at the workshops – we’ll help you get your claims settled and repairs done faster From our side, we already have a three working-day approval policy for motor claims, meaning that it takes less than three working days for us to assess your damaged car and issue the approvals for the workshop to begin repairs immediately


A Call Center That Cares

And – of course – our call center is open all day where expertly trained staff is ready to assist you with everything, claims, questions, comments, insurances… everything – just give us a call on our Call us 22064412 when we say we’re here for you we mean it

Our goals for the Personal Lines (bike, home, travel, boat) are important for you, too, because…