1964, the Beginning of a New Era

“It is not the destination, but the remarkable journey of over fifty years of enriching experience that has set us apart.”

Founded in March 1964 by the Emiri Decree, QIC sparked the beginning of an enduring legacy in Qatar’s insurance sector

Being the oldest and the largest national insurance company, we have from the very beginning, been committed to the burgeoning needs of Qatar’s development. We crafted solutions to transfer risks, which were related to the growing Energy, Marine, Aviation and Property and Commercial insurance sector. Casting a spotlight on personal insurance, we tailored solutions for the well-being and safety of Qatar and its people

Our performance history of over fifty years has not only helped us demonstrate our integrity and credibility, but has also helped in earning our customers’ trust, faith and confidence. This has defined our identity and heritage and has helped in carving our name in the sands of time

QIC Milestones