Life & Medical

“Mum, I tripped over! I think my arm is broken”. Heard this one before? I’m sure you have and though it’s no fun taking your child to the hospital for ongoing diagnosis and treatment, your day gets even worse when you are presented with the bill for private treatment as you have no medical insurance to cover it. This is where KQIC can help. We provide a variety of affordable and easy to understand medical plans for business groups that will provide cover for employees and their immediate family members. Basic cover includes in and outpatient services and a wide range of additional covers can be tailor made as per the employer budget and needs. These include maternity, dental, chronic medication, organ transplant and optical cover. Hospital, Clinic and Pharmacy networks in Kuwait are extensive allowing you a seamless experience once you present yourself for treatment. This may also be taken abroad dependent on the duration and territorial limits stipulated in the policy. We also provide policies for Group Life protection including Workmen’s Compensation. This is a benefit given by an employer to the employee in the event of death or disablement. It covers death all causes as well as disability, 24 hours worldwide and waives the legal responsibility of the employer towards his employees.