Marine & Aviation

KQIC has been at the forefront of Marine & Aviation Insurance for many years providing tailor made solutions to its clients. Marine & Aviation is the collective terms for covering the inherent risks and perils associated with travel; whether by land, sea or air. Marine Insurance is usually broken down into three separate sub classes which are as follows: Marine Cargo Insurance which covers property in transit as it moves from place to place whether under the jurisdiction of the buyer or seller. Protection is provided for goods against loss or damage arising from perils (such as sinking, collision, war, piracy jettison etc.) associated with the navigation of the sea or air and subsequent land and inland waterways under different institute cargo clauses. Inland Transit Insurance protects the interest of the buyer or seller from similar perils associated with marine cargo insurance whilst goods are being transported overland by road or rail until the final destination is reached. Marine Hull covers loss or damage to the hull, machinery and collision liability of a marine vessel which may include large oil tankers or bulk freighters down to a small yacht. Aviation Insurance provides a number of covers under one policy including the hull, liability towards passengers, third parties and cargo as well as airside liability.