Home Insurance

Majority of residents in Kuwait live in rented accommodation which is typically insured by the landlord. What most of us are not aware of is that the contents of our home are not insured by the landlord’s insurance. And, neither is our liability towards the landlord or others covered.

When it comes to securing your home, a number of scenarios which are fairly common throughout the GCC come to mind. Unfortunately, these situations really do happen! For instance, the hot summer season can cause electrical or mechanical issues with air conditioning that can lead to fires. In many such cases, rented homes are badly damaged with contents destroyed and serious injury or death caused to inhabitants. Is it really worth the risk to remain uninsured?

Likewise, you accidentally spill coffee on your prized antique rug. Would you rush out to buy a new one (if you can get hold of one) at great expense to replace the damaged one? Or, would you rather have your insurance company compensate you for this damage in return for a small premium?

Here at KQIC, we offer both buildings and contents insurance policies. In addition to our standard cover, we provide optional policy features, which you can add to your standard policy for an additional fee to protect you and your interests.