Fleets & Vehicles

Owning a motor vehicle is a responsibility that comes with major challenges. Hazards on and off the road are never far away – speeding vehicles, poor drivers, undertaking, no lane discipline, jumping red lights, talking on mobile phones whilst driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, theft and malicious damage can all strike at any time leaving you potentially with a large repair bill. This is where we come in to give you protection and peace of mind. KQIC provides a wide spectrum of coverage for all customers whether they are corporate entities or individuals and whether that coverage is for cars, trucks or motor bikes. Our cover extends to providing a seamless service from the point of sale up until your car is released back to you from the garage after experiencing a claim. Whether you are trying to insure a fleet of vehicles or your own personal cars, KQIC has a product just for you. Toyota or Porsche, Nissan or Jaguar, new or old, we have a solution for each at a price consummate to the risk and your budget. Additional covers are included at no additional cost to you such as waiver of subrogation and road side assistance.