The risks associated with energy and energy-related businesses are complex and diverse, high hazard and high risk. Critically important to our global economy and used to power our modern way of life, the sale, extraction, manufacture, refinement and distribution of energy is vital. KQIC can draw on a wealth of talent, experience and ‘know how’ gained of the back of the phenomenal pace of change experienced in the GCC oil and gas sectors over the last decade both from an upstream and downstream perspective. The protection of on and offshore assets is paramount whether these are LNG trains, refineries, mobile/fixed platforms, pipelines or other assets. We would usually cover these under a Master Package Program. This would also extend to Control of Well cover under the Operators Extra Expenses (OEE), Increased Cost of Re-drilling (wells) and Seepage, Pollution, Clean-Up and Containment costs for example. Protection can be further provided to cover Builders All Risks for offshore projects covering EPC contracts taking into consideration the requirements of principles and lenders. Erection All Risks for onshore projects would provide protection for the construction of Refineries or Petrochemical Plants (downstream) including Advance Loss of Profit/Delay in Start-up. Liabilities, Sabotage & Terrorism as well as covering Drilling Rigs can all be covered with KQIC.