QLM Hosts Cancer Awareness Forum in Qatar Foundation

QLM Hosts Cancer Awareness Forum in Qatar Foundation

Feb 12, 2018 (0) comment


QLM, Qatar’s leading health and life insurer and a subsidiary of Qatar Insurance Group recently hosted a cancer awareness forum for Qatar Foundation’s community members to increase medical awareness of cancer and highlight the importance of early detection.

Commenting at the forum, Ahmad M Zebeib, Senior Manager, QLM, said: “In our capacity as the leading national insurance company, we take pride in reaching out to our customer base in Qatar in general and Qatar Foundation in particular. Through this forum we highlighted our eagerness on promoting good health and welfare of Qatar Foundation’s community members.”

Zebeib highlighted: “The forum covered discussions on several topics such as how to overcome cancer, understand its symptoms, risk factors, how to reduce the chances of developing cancer, early detection methods, and various treatments. The lectures, delivered during the forum, explained the relation between nutrition and the negative impact of malnutrition as a main factor for developing cancer. In addition, the protection techniques were also explored including adapting healthy lifestyle in life and making the necessary medical check-ups and analyses.”

Zebeib also confirmed: “At QLM, we are very keen on promoting medical awareness and encouraging the adoption of a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risks of developing many diseases such as cancer. As the number of cancer patients are increasing, we felt that it was the right time to consider some of our habits in order to live a healthier life.”

Zebeib also added: “In order to strengthen our position as a pioneer in Corporate Social Responsibility and have a significant tangible impact on the community, we always exert our efforts to host the best activities that benefit and provide valuable services for our community.”


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